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Intel AMT is a technilogy for remotely configure your computer.

Before you start

Before you start and get confused through the different versions and possibilities, FIRST OF ALL:

  1. identify the version of your AMT. A good comparison of all features you can read here:
  2. if you change the password, use a password with 8 characters and be aware that you use the english keyboard (so for special characters !), which is probably not the one you will use on your webbrowser

Quick start

Go to

And choose: Setup and Configuration of Intel AMT > Setup and Configuration Methods > Setup and Configuration in SMB Mode > Configuring the SMB Mode

  • Full unprovisioning
  • Reboot
  • Enable Small Business provisioning
  • Enable LAN

When you got ACCESS with the webinterface with the user "admin" and your password (remember the english keyboard layout!):

  • add a new STANDARD USER (for security reasons no administrator account!) to your AMT and use this for accessing the system remotely


MOST PROBLEMS come from typing in a wrong password using another than the english keyboard!!!


Web interface

A cite from: :

• 16992 – Use if TLS is NOT defined (use http) • 16993 – Use if TLS is defined (use https)


From Intel AMT Release 6.0 you can allow both secure (16993) and non secure (16992) connections simultaneously (in previous versions only one of the ports could be open).

Starting with Intel AMT Release 6.1 you can connect to Intel AMT locally using the WebUI interface.

Linux tools

sudo apt-get install amtterm amttools gamt

All important commands you will find here:


#~/$ export AMT_PASSWORD="?Pass123"
#~/$ amttool IP_OF_MACHINE info

### AMT info on machine 'IP_OF_MACHINE' ###
AMT version:  2.6.4
Hostname:     hostname.domainname
Powerstate:   S0
Remote Control Capabilities:
   IanaOemNumber                   157
   OemDefinedCapabilities          IDER SOL BiosSetup 
   SpecialCommandsSupported        PXE-boot HD-boot cd-boot 
   SystemCapabilitiesSupported     powercycle powerdown powerup reset 
   SystemFirmwareCapabilities      20

amtterm - Serial over LAN

Terminal redirection under Linux