Drupal Garland Theme

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WORK IN PROGRESS ! --Apos 01:35, 6 October 2008 (CEST)

This article is based on How to: Modify the Garland theme. It describes altering the base garland theme (drupal 6 version!) giving it a custom background image. We achieve this by using the GIMP graphics image program instead of common used (but not paid) closed source software.

One of the prerequisites for this article are a basic knowledge about theming in drupal and working with layers in GIMP. There are a lot of Howto's out there in the web getting the skills to do this.

It is also wise to read Integrating color module of the Drupal (6!) Theme Guide to get a basic understanding of the color theme module!

Do yourself a favour and take an evening reading and playing around with these things before you start modding a theme.