Linux Fonts

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Use Mac Fonts

Install Ubuntu Title Font

The package ttf-ubuntu-title consists of the font used by Ubuntu’s logo it was made available by Canonical under the LGPL to make rebranding of Ubuntu easier.

sudo apt-get install ttf-ubuntu-title

This will complete the installation and you can enjoy this font from openoffice and GIMP etc

Make your ubuntu fonts smooth

I am taking this tip from here download this file from here and drop in to your home directory renamed to “.fonts.conf” and log out and in again

sudo mv fonts.txt .fonts.conf

Install Macintosh Fonts

If you want to install Macintosh Fonts it is bit difficult because Mac OS embeds extra font information using a special format that Linux can’t read directly you need to convert Macintosh Fonts and then you can copy in to fonts folder

We are going to use fondu utility for our conversion

convert between Mac and UNIX font formats.Fondu is a set of programs to convert between Mac font formats and PFB, TTF, OTF and BDF files on UNIX.

Install fondu ubuntu

sudo apt-get install fondu

This will complete the installation

Now you need to copy your Mac OS font directory to your ubuntu machine and run

fondu *

inside it to generate converted TTF files.

Now you can copy TTF files using fonts:/// procedure menctioned in the above