Microsoft SQL Server

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Squirrel-sql for Ubuntu

sudo apt-get install libjtds-java

Create the connection aliases:

  • Click Aliases on the left
  • Click the Plus symbol to add an alias
  • Give it a name.
  • Select Driver: jTDS Microsoft SQL
  • URL:
  • Something like this: jdbc:jtds:sqlserver://servername.domainname:1433/master
  • User Name: (your user name without the domain part, e.g. username, not DOMAIN\username)
  • Password: (leave this blank)
  • Click Properties, then Driver properties
  • Check Use driver properties
  • Find Name: DOMAIN, check Specify next to it. Enter the domain Value: DOMAIN (change this to your domain name)
  • Click OK

You can now connect using the alias.

Double click it, and enter your password.