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Scanserver with saned under Ubuntu 10.04

Unfortunately there seems to be a bug in the inetd service under Ubuntu 10.04.

Therefore the configuration of saned scanserver had changed.

1. Install openbsd-inetd

sudo apt-get purge inetutils-inetd
sudo apt-get install openbsd-inetd

2. Change the rights for saned

sudo addgroup scanner
sudo usermod -G scanner -a saned

3. Configure inetd

Edit /etc/inetd.conf and add the following

sane-port       stream  tcp     nowait  root     /usr/sbin/saned saned

4. Configure saned

On the server edit /etc/sane.d/saned.conf according to your local network:

## Access list

On the client edit /etc/sane.d/net.conf and add the servers IP or hostname

## saned hosts

5. Restart the service

sudo openbsd-inetd restart


cat /etc/services | grep 6566

sane-port	6566/tcp	sane saned	# SANE network scanner daemon

cat /etc/inetd.conf | grep sane

sane-port       stream  tcp     nowait  root     /usr/sbin/saned saned

cat /etc/group | grep sane


scanimage -L

device `net:localhost:epson2:/dev/sg0' is a Epson Perfection1200 flatbed scanner

That's it.

Beside the point wether it is secure to run saned as "root", this works!