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VMware-Player and VIX API on Ubuntu

Ubuntu 17.10

In Ubuntu 17.10 you will encounter problems running older versions of vmware-player. Due to a update bug vmware-player won't compile.

But I got can confirm, that VMware-player version 14.1.1 is working fine.

If you like to use vmrun of the cli interfaxe VIX with vmware-player always use it with the parameter -T player:

vmrun -T player ...

If you don't and if you don't perform additional tasks you will most likely get the error:

vmrun -T player list
> Unable to connect to host.
> Error: The specified version was not found

To get it running do the following:

chmod 755 VMware-VIX*.bundle && sudo ./VMware-VIX*.bundle
  • go into super user mode, change to the VIX-directory and alter the file vixwrapper-config.txt according to your installed components (vmware-player version).
sudo su
cd /usr/lib/vmware-vix
vim vixwrapper-config.txt

> # Workstation 12.0.0
> #ws          19  vmdb  12.1.1 Workstation-12.0.0
> #player      19  vmdb  12.1.1 Workstation-12.0.0
> ws           19  vmdb  14.1.1 Workstation-12.0.0 # if you installed Player 14.4.1
> player       19  vmdb  14.1.1 Workstation-12.0.0 # if you installed Player 14.4.1


vmrun -T player list
> Total running VMs: 1
> /virtualmachines/Vmware/myMachine

P.S.: remember: using vmrun with vmware-player always needs the parameter '-T player to work!!!


Kernel modules not installed

sudo vmware-modconfig --console --install-all