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--Apos (talk) 15:41, 4 March 2015 (CET)

Zarafa is still avaiable.

But the alternative OpenChange seams to me much more convienient. In conjunction with Zentyal, this is an excellent choice.


Best way is to first install Zentyal.

Then do the follwoing steps in this (!) order:

Do yourself a favor and reduce complexity for the first time and only do this for

(1) ONE domain, (2) only with a test user and (3) only with simplest settings in your email client (no ssl, tls, plain passwords, ...)

  1. Make shure your provider has an MX record addressed for you (test with look in the DNS section of your server interface looking for something like " 10 MX"
  2. Zentyal: make shure you have an virtual mail domain alias configured in the DNS section of zentyal that matches your MX record above for your domain
  3. Install, activate and configure the mail module
  4. Enable imap and pop3 access
  5. Test the zentyal mail module using a test user and a virtual mail domain (the user name for mail is
  6. Install and activate the groupware module (this is in fact zarafa)
  7. Disable the imap and pop3 access on the zentyal mail module (don't deactivate the module itself)
  8. Enable the imap and pop3 gateways in the groupware module (ervery service which is activated here MUST BE DISABLED IN THE MAIL MODULE!!!)
  9. Alter your on postfix so that you can send emails via your E-Mail-Client (see #Postfix section). If you don't do this, you only will be able to send E-Mails through the zarafa WebAccess (http://yourip/webaccess)!
  10. Configure your E-Mail-Client with user name of the zentyal user (WITHOUT!)

You should be able to send and receive mails through the webinter


Add your server ip to the section of my_networks in your postfix settings

vim /etc/postfix/

# my_networks =
my_networks = 73.34.666.33/21

Or you won't be able to send emails through you email client from external places (Outlook, Evolution, Thunderbird, ...)

You'll easyly get the IP and subnetmask of your system logging into your system an type


With Relayhost

Not recommended and forbidden for most providers.