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Netbeans is a great development environment with a lot of useful and also simply solutions.


Database Roundtrip Engeneering with Jeddit

Unfortunately there is no (free) database plugin for roundtrip engeneering in Eclipse. But within Netbeans there exists such a tool: Jeddit.

You will be given a visual database editor which a lot of possibilities of various database types. But most important: the tool allows you to generate entity classes with all getter an setter methods, the persitance xml. But the best is: you can alter your (visual) database model, work with stored procedures and a lot more e.g. a simple MVC Web App support or a concept to build " Dockerize Java EE Application". Try it out.

Advantage: manually altered or added source code to the entity classes will not be touched upon a new export of the db ui model! This is no complete reverse engeneering, where a reinport of source code into the model would be possible - but you really won't need this.

I am combining Eclipse (Java) and Netbeans with Jeddit (DB design and maintaining) sharing the same project.


Create Get-Setters: simply press Alt+Insert somewhere in the code.