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Windows 10 troubleshooting

Delete old files after update from Windows 7

If you don't like to get back to Windows 7 (not recommended), this should at least give you 20-25 GB more free space on the hard drive.

  1. Type "Cleanup" in the search field of the Startmenu.
  2. Open it with an administrative account
  3. Choose "Previously Windows Installation(s)"
  4. Press OK

Windows HowTo's


  1. Open Explorer
  2. Go to path
  3. IN the addressline paste: CMD /c "Tree /F /A > tree.txt"


cmd /c TREE [Drive:][Path] [/F] [/A]

   cmd /c -> command prompt
   TREE -> like unix tree
   /F -> all files in every folder Leave this and only folders will be listed
   /A -> export to file

Windows 7 troubleshooting

Trouble, trouble, trouble ...

But some people want to have trouble - and not user linux ;-) - , so I will help them, and get some money for it!

Gain admin access on cmd

The so called "elevated" command prompt can be gained in a few ways:

1. open cmd as admin

net user administrator /active:yes


Now the admin is in the login window

2. Enter cmd.exe in startmenu and open it with rightclick "run as admin"

3. open cmd and add yourself to the admin group (DANGEROUS!!!)

net localgroup administratoren %username% /add



Reset winsock

Sometimes the windows network stack (winsdock) ist broken.

To solve the problem: open a cmd window (you need an "elevated" command prompt: right click as admin!).

netsh winsock reset
#netsh int ip reset catalog
#netsh int ip reset reset.log

netsh int ipv4 reset


Same with Fix-Link

Repair missing system services

This will reinstall important system services:

sfc /scannow